Another day, another blog

15 May 2019

Will you just stop what you’re doing and listen to me? I have many things to say, and they are very important, and I will be saying new things frequently. For a bit, anyway.

This will be about my nineteenth billion blog, with previous incarnations spread around the internet (some still going) spanning the last 20 years or so. We all love a good blog, and we all think we have enough to do a post every day. And we do, for about two weeks. Then it usually goes mostly silent. Then we give up all together.

And finally, we have a few things to say again and we decide we need a blog.

This one came about because I had a few things I wanted to write down that crossed the boundary of ‘corporate’ and personal. I also don’t like Medium. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Maybe it’s because no one reads my stuff (no that I care of course, I write forĀ me, not anyone else and definitely not for view stats!).

I also had this crazy notion that I might allow other people to post here, but…

  1. Why would they bother?
  2. lol, no….have you read other people’s blogs? They’re terrible!

So anyway…enjoy. Or don’t. And don’t get too invested, as it’ll likely stagnate before Summer.